Who we are, what we do, & why we do it

  We are Engine Builders and Machinists. High Performance Speed is our specialty, building engines that out run and out last the average engine build in the industry (with an average of 36 engine builds at most times). Our custom automotive center focuses on hot rods, street cars, race cars and late model projects. In addition we sell new and used parts. The main goal is to meet our customers expectations in quality performance and workmanship. We have and are achieving great success with a staff including an Engineer, Machinists, Fabrication Specialist, Master Mechanics, CFO & Marketing Director. In 2019 we will begin working on a few complete restorations of our own and will be offering these projects for sale prior to completion. When the projects begin you will find them documented & for sale within this website platform.


meet our dynamic team

Mike Godowski


Machinist- Engine Builder-Master Mechanic

Julius Hughes, III


 Owner- Master Machinist- Engine Builder- GA Tech Engineer 

Brandon Linn


Machinist- Engine Builder-Master Mechanic

Josesph Polacky


Crank Case Specialist- Zot VI Team

Krista Current


Accounting Manager

Chris Baltes


Engine Crew Chief- Zot VI Team

Machine Shop-Building Engines- since 1960

  Julius Hughes, Jr. graduated @ Georgia Tech with a degree in Industrial Engineering.  In 1959 a shop was opened for Engine Design/ Application.  It all began in historic downtown Atlanta, behind Julius Hughes, Sr's home @ Ansley Park.  The first official Atlanta Speed Shop became a success, opening it's doors @ Lakewood through partnership in 1960.  The two partners, Julius Hughes, Jr. and Wally Taylor's success was due in part to their exclusive ownership of a Stewart Warner Balancing Machine.  Mr. Taylor's father, a sales representative with Stewart Warner, made the purchase of this piece of machinery possible.  Following in the footsteps of his father, Julius Hughes III earned a Degree in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech.  After many years of apprenticeship, he purchased the Atlanta Speed Shop in 1988.  Between the years of 1959 and 2000 there were 10 successful shop locations.  In 2000, Julius Hughes, III purchased Industrial Property @ Gainesville, GA.   A 17,000 sq ft shop building was designed and built by 2004.